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Since arriving in Dubai in March, there have been two events looming. It so happens that they occur simultaneously. Summer and Ramadan. It was summer that I felt the most anxious about. This wasn’t helped by comments from long-term Dubai residents along the lines of “so how are you liking Dubai? You haven’t had a […]


I only discovered that I liked birds on my first trip to India. I was on a tour of Rajasthan and part of the itinerary included a visit to a bird park. Admittedly at first I wasn’t that enthused. I thought tiger spotting or sari shopping would be much more interesting. But after catching a […]


It’s now been three months since I arrived in Dubai.  I’ve enjoyed the experience immensely. I love this initial period of moving to a new city. Being able to explore the city with all the enthusiasm of a traveller, but with the knowledge that favourite spots can become regular haunts. Many people have been asking […]


Not yet one month into my “living-in-Dubai” adventure and I have already had my first visitor! Megumi Kato from Japan stopped in for a week on her way back to Sydney after almost six months in India. Well it wasn’t really on her way back, more like a detour, as she had to fly via […]