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It seems I have a penchant for religious festivals. Recent events in Dubai have reminded me of this eccentricity and to be honest I am wondering what is next! A recent chain of events started with my first “iftar” breaking of fast. I hadn’t actually fasted, but in Dubai that is no barrier to rolling […]


Since arriving in Dubai in March, there have been two events looming. It so happens that they occur simultaneously. Summer and Ramadan. It was summer that I felt the most anxious about. This wasn’t helped by comments from long-term Dubai residents along the lines of “so how are you liking Dubai? You haven’t had a […]


It’s now been three months since I arrived in Dubai.  I’ve enjoyed the experience immensely. I love this initial period of moving to a new city. Being able to explore the city with all the enthusiasm of a traveller, but with the knowledge that favourite spots can become regular haunts. Many people have been asking […]


In generosity and helping others be like a river In compassion and grace be like the sun In concealing other’s faults be like the night In anger and fury be like dead In modesty and humility be like earth In tolerance be like a sea Either exist as you are be as you look Rumi […]