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Creo firmemente en que no existe una religión verdadera. No hay una forma correcta de vivir nuestras vidas. Las posibilidades son infinitas. Quien tiene la razón, los cristianos ortodoxos o los musulmanes? La verdad es relativa y depende de los ojos con que se mire. Pero entiendo que muchas personas, pueblos, países, culturas del mundo […]


I love a good love story – especially a cross-border, cross-cultural Mysore-romance. Around this time two years ago I was in Mysore with my friend Claire who I knew from Sydney (and from Sharath’s week in Bali when were delayed at Darwin airport for six hours after our plane was grounded due to “hitting a […]

спасибо Москва

We loved Moscow. It was easy to love for a couple of reasons. Firstly we had amazingly good weather  – clear sunny days, with the sun setting around midnight. This is not the normal Moscow experience. It is cold for most of the year and often rainy in June. The city is alive and celebratory […]


Era una calurosa tarde en un cibercafé de Yangon, donde estábamos decidiendo cual seria la ruta a seguir para llegar a Beijing. Analizamos la opción de hacerlo a través de Vietnam, volando a la ciudad de Hanoi y desde ahí cruzar por tierra a Guangxi, sur de China. La segunda idea era mas complicada, hacerlo […]


Japan wasn’t part of our planned route. But exceptionally cheap last minute flights made the chance to be in Japan for spring too good to refuse. Aside from the low airfares, the trip was only really made possible by the amazing hospitality of Japanese friends and their families who generously welcomed us into our homes. […]