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Not yet one month into my “living-in-Dubai” adventure and I have already had my first visitor! Megumi Kato from Japan stopped in for a week on her way back to Sydney after almost six months in India. Well it wasn’t really on her way back, more like a detour, as she had to fly via […]


Creo firmemente en que no existe una religión verdadera. No hay una forma correcta de vivir nuestras vidas. Las posibilidades son infinitas. Quien tiene la razón, los cristianos ortodoxos o los musulmanes? La verdad es relativa y depende de los ojos con que se mire. Pero entiendo que muchas personas, pueblos, países, culturas del mundo […]


If I ever visit Turkey again, I will head straight to the Black Sea, to a little seaside town called Amasra. Oh Amasra, even the name has a lovely ring to it. We only had one day with you! How hard it was to be content with that! We took a day trip to Amasra […]