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I just looked at my last blog entry and can’t believe it has been three months since the last one!  It seems I got distracted with the old fashioned idea of just living life rather than writing about it This blog started as a travel blog but has now morphed into a blog documenting life […]


Despite many trips to India, I have only just visited its beautiful teardrop – Sri Lanka. Because it is so close to India, I had mistakenly assumed it would be quite similar, like a province of South India floating in the sea. But Sri Lanka is delightfully different and has a beguiling charm of its […]


If I ever visit Turkey again, I will head straight to the Black Sea, to a little seaside town called Amasra. Oh Amasra, even the name has a lovely ring to it. We only had one day with you! How hard it was to be content with that! We took a day trip to Amasra […]


BBC recently reported on “Paris Syndrome” the phenomenon of Japanese tourists suffering a mental breakdown when they arrive in Paris and discover that Parisians can be rude or the city does not meet their expectations. The article says that many Japanese have a deeply romantic vision of Paris, but the reality of rude waiters and […]

We’re not in Bondi anymore

The only thing that beaching in Bondi and beaching in Burma have in common is the sand and water. Otherwise, the two experiences are far apart, and indicative of the stark difference between the two cultures. Firstly the attire – being a Buddhist country, modesty is key. This often means entering the water fully clothed, […]