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I’m happy to present a little film we have made to show Ashtanga Yoga in Dubai. I am extremely grateful to everyone involved. GTV for the film production, Mikko Heinenen for the amazing music and all the students of Ashtanga Yoga Dubai. I hope this achieves our aim of showing that Ashtanga yoga is for […]


I am happy to announce that I have started Ashtanga Yoga Dubai. I will be teaching daily Mysore-style classes in the Dubai Marina. For more information please visit the website

Sunset at Chamundi Hill and Sharath’s Conference 2.2.14

I’ve just finished the first week in Mysore and as always it’s been full of memorable experiences. The first practice in the Mysore room instantly confirms why I come back here each year. My mind is steady and focused, the body is energised and there is nothing like being back in the presence of my […]


Since arriving in Dubai in March, there have been two events looming. It so happens that they occur simultaneously. Summer and Ramadan. It was summer that I felt the most anxious about. This wasn’t helped by comments from long-term Dubai residents along the lines of “so how are you liking Dubai? You haven’t had a […]


It’s now been three months since I arrived in Dubai.  I’ve enjoyed the experience immensely. I love this initial period of moving to a new city. Being able to explore the city with all the enthusiasm of a traveller, but with the knowledge that favourite spots can become regular haunts. Many people have been asking […]


Not yet one month into my “living-in-Dubai” adventure and I have already had my first visitor! Megumi Kato from Japan stopped in for a week on her way back to Sydney after almost six months in India. Well it wasn’t really on her way back, more like a detour, as she had to fly via […]


Last night I found myself in a diamond factory. One moment we were in the flashy well-lit store, looking at gems…. as you do on a Friday night. The next moment we were being led around the back to a small workroom full of Bengali Indians cutting, polishing and setting diamonds. You could say it […]