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“Slowly, slowly, brake!” These were the words of advice from Kumar the rickshaw driver when he saw me earlier this week on a scooter for the first time. He also said, “Madam, full traffic – no!” The instruction wasn’t dissimilar to what I have been hearing Sharath say to his assistants when adjusting the numerous […]


I just looked at my last blog entry and can’t believe it has been three months since the last one!  It seems I got distracted with the old fashioned idea of just living life rather than writing about it This blog started as a travel blog but has now morphed into a blog documenting life […]


Despite many trips to India, I have only just visited its beautiful teardrop – Sri Lanka. Because it is so close to India, I had mistakenly assumed it would be quite similar, like a province of South India floating in the sea. But Sri Lanka is delightfully different and has a beguiling charm of its […]


We have migrated over to a new blog format. Some of the photos are still a bit out of whack – hope to fix that soon!


From the ages of four to 17, ballet was my world. Most afternoons after school and all day on Saturdays, my life was consumed with classes and rehearsals, training for exams, eisteddfods and concerts. For years I had subscription tickets to the Australian Ballet and around the age of 12 and 13 used to wait […]


Many factors contribute to making some long train trips more enjoyable than others. Enough food to snack on, the cleanliness of the bathrooms and the friendliness of the cabin staff are all important. But one factor stands out, and that is the nature of your fellow travelling companions (aside from Roberto!). When we board a […]


If we ever stop travelling and eventually have some land somewhere, I think I would like to live in a ger. It’s like camping for grownups. Looking at the shape and structure from the inside made me feel like I was sleeping in a mini circus tent. And now for my next trick….lighting the morning […]