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Creo firmemente en que no existe una religión verdadera. No hay una forma correcta de vivir nuestras vidas. Las posibilidades son infinitas. Quien tiene la razón, los cristianos ortodoxos o los musulmanes? La verdad es relativa y depende de los ojos con que se mire. Pero entiendo que muchas personas, pueblos, países, culturas del mundo […]


It’s impossible to recount time in Turkey without mentioning the food. I’ll jump straight to the sweets. Baklava and Turkish Delight are not favourites of everyone’s but they are of mine. I still remember, when I was 14, eating almost a whole box of Turkish Delight at my friend Yolanda’s house when we were meant […]


In generosity and helping others be like a river In compassion and grace be like the sun In concealing other’s faults be like the night In anger and fury be like dead In modesty and humility be like earth In tolerance be like a sea Either exist as you are be as you look Rumi […]


If I ever visit Turkey again, I will head straight to the Black Sea, to a little seaside town called Amasra. Oh Amasra, even the name has a lovely ring to it. We only had one day with you! How hard it was to be content with that! We took a day trip to Amasra […]


BBC recently reported on “Paris Syndrome” the phenomenon of Japanese tourists suffering a mental breakdown when they arrive in Paris and discover that Parisians can be rude or the city does not meet their expectations. The article says that many Japanese have a deeply romantic vision of Paris, but the reality of rude waiters and […]