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Many factors contribute to making some long train trips more enjoyable than others. Enough food to snack on, the cleanliness of the bathrooms and the friendliness of the cabin staff are all important. But one factor stands out, and that is the nature of your fellow travelling companions (aside from Roberto!). When we board a […]


If we ever stop travelling and eventually have some land somewhere, I think I would like to live in a ger. It’s like camping for grownups. Looking at the shape and structure from the inside made me feel like I was sleeping in a mini circus tent. And now for my next trick….lighting the morning […]


Mi amigo Charlie es un viajero loco, un loco lindo! Es coreano, no estoy seguro de su edad, pero debe tener algo así como 30 años. Su vida la dedica a pedalear por el mundo. Tiene presupuestado recorrer en bicicleta 150 países, en aproximadamente 10 años. Yo lo conocí hace 3 años en una de […]


Many people come to Mongolia for the horses. There are around three million horses in Mongolia – more than the number of humans – Mongolia being the most sparsely populated country on the planet. The Mongol horse, a breed believed to be unchanged since the time of Ghengis Khan, lives wild, finding its own food […]


Mongolia is a huge country. There is little infrastructure and so most travellers are dependant on taking organised tours or hiring their own jeeps and guides. After looking at the various options of the major sites we both agreed that it was the large freshwater lake in the north west of the country that was […]


Our bags were backed and we were eager to start the next stage of our trip – travelling from Beijing to Moscow by train – the Trans-Mongolian. However, for the first leg of the trip we would travel by overnight bus to the border of China and Mongolia, cross the border by jeep then take […]