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It seemed like I had only just finalised the plan to move to Dubai when my Dad emailed me with his proposed dates to visit. He booked in for May 6-8. Not that he was coming all the way from Sydney for just two days. No, it so happened that Dubai was a convenient stop […]


Not yet one month into my “living-in-Dubai” adventure and I have already had my first visitor! Megumi Kato from Japan stopped in for a week on her way back to Sydney after almost six months in India. Well it wasn’t really on her way back, more like a detour, as she had to fly via […]


Era una calurosa tarde en un cibercafé de Yangon, donde estábamos decidiendo cual seria la ruta a seguir para llegar a Beijing. Analizamos la opción de hacerlo a través de Vietnam, volando a la ciudad de Hanoi y desde ahí cruzar por tierra a Guangxi, sur de China. La segunda idea era mas complicada, hacerlo […]


Japan wasn’t part of our planned route. But exceptionally cheap last minute flights made the chance to be in Japan for spring too good to refuse. Aside from the low airfares, the trip was only really made possible by the amazing hospitality of Japanese friends and their families who generously welcomed us into our homes. […]


One of my favourite sites on this trip. Sunset at Miyajima Island looking out to the Itsukushima Shrine. I can’t decide which picture I like the best. The first was taken by me right at sunset. the second by Roberto after the sun had set. It pays to be patient!


My concern that we wouldn’t have enough space to practice at the hostel I had booked in Osaka proved needless. The room was Japanese style – futon beds on tatami mats. Just wake up, roll up the mat and voila – space! Sorry Roberto…your turn after me!  


I spent most of 2009/10 living and teaching Ashtanga yoga in Nagoya at a beautiful studio called MySoul8. With floor to ceiling windows and a view that looks out over the trees of Nagoya’s Central Park it is perhaps one of Japan’s loveliest studios. I was really lucky have to have the chance to teach […]