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When I lived in Hong Kong, it was routine to wake up and not be able to see the harbour. The high-rise buildings were hidden amongst clouds of fog and air pollution. But last weekend was the first time I have experienced visibility being obscured by a sandstorm. The weather didn’t look too ominous in […]


Around this time ten years ago, I packed as many clothes, shoes and handbags as possible into a big red suitcase in preparation of moving to a city I not yet seen. I distinctly remember the moment when, upon arriving at my destination, I heaved the case out of the boot of the taxi. My […]


Viajar con un bajo presupuesto implica planificación, organización y trabajo. Con Nea dividimos las labores, ella es la encargada de buscar la mejor opción (precio-calidad) de alojamiento, hacer las reservas en internet, obtener los mapas y las coordenadas para saber como llegar al lugar. A veces experimentamos y tomamos riesgos, en Hong Kong decidimos que […]