I just looked at my last blog entry and can’t believe it has been three months since the last one!  It seems I got distracted with the old fashioned idea of just living life rather than writing about it

This blog started as a travel blog but has now morphed into a blog documenting life in Dubai. A travel blog is in fact easy to write as there is a constant stream of new material. A blog about life in one place requires a little more thought.

Although I have to admit, I have had some great experiences in the last few months that are definitely worth writing about. Although admittedly most of them involve travel! London, Dublin, Oman. I’m trying to make the most living somewhere so central.

When it comes to life in Dubai probably the most significant point of interest has been the end of the summer. In most parts of the world, the onset of summer is eagerly anticipated. In Dubai, where summer means 45 degrees everyday, oppressive humidity and indoor air-con hibernation, it is the end of summer that is celebrated.

I always remember living in Japan and seeing the sakura cherry blossom for the first time. It was exquisitely beautiful, made even more so by the fact that it symbolised spring and the end of a long cold winter. Last year I flew into Japan right at sakura time, and felt like I had been short-changed in the intensity of the experience having not lived through the winter.

It’s the same feeling in Dubai for when you suddenly realise that it feels pleasant to be outside. Who knew 35 degrees and below 50 per cent humidity could feel so good! Nothing like a four months of extreme weather conditions to make you appreciate a temperate breeze and softer sun. Bliss!

Aside being able to walk around in the daytime and dine al fresco, the end of the summer also means the start of the beach season. Already the water has started cooling down. What is exciting me is realising that beach season should stretch from now til June next year!

This will give me plenty of time to enjoy my new favourite pastime. Stand up paddle boarding! I must admit when I first saw people doing it I thought it looked very boring and I couldn’t see the appeal. But it does take quite a bit of concentration and co-ordination, and once you are steady on the board it is relaxing while still requiring some effort. This is now my Saturday morning activity. Now when people ask me, so what do you do other than yoga, I have a good answer!


Myself and some friends on a magical day when we found a Ganesh statue on the beach. Ganesh had been buried in the sea as part of a special festival. We were very excited with our find! 


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