Not yet one month into my “living-in-Dubai” adventure and I have already had my first visitor! Megumi Kato from Japan stopped in for a week on her way back to Sydney after almost six months in India. Well it wasn’t really on her way back, more like a detour, as she had to fly via Mumbai again to get back to Australia. So I am very happy she made the effort.

I met Megumi in 2009 when I was teaching Ashtanga Yoga at MySoul8 in Nagoya, Japan. She had just started practicing with me when Guruji died and was one of the students that wrote a condolence card that I organised to be sent to the Jois family. Since then we have shared many good moments together, both in and outside the practice room.


(The gang at MySoul8 Nagoya!)

Megumi first came to Sydney to visit in March 2011. It was just days after the devastating Japanese tsunami and I wasn’t sure if she would still make the trip. But she did, and came to practice at the Jois shala in Bondi where I was teaching. She fell in love with Sydney, particularly the Bondi lifestyle and organised to return later in the year with a working holiday visa.

Fortunately she was back in Japan when Roberto and I visited, and we will never forget the wonderful hospitality extended to us by her family in Takayama. The dinner, or should I say banquet, of tenmaki sushi, tempura, sake and shoju attended by her parents, grandparents and brother is still remembered as one of the best dinners of the trip.

Our next meeting was in Mysore, India at the end of last year. We were both there to practice with my teacher Sharath. It is a wonderful feeling as a yoga teacher when you see a student delve deeper into their yoga by going to the source of the practice in Mysore.


Megumi actually visited Dubai on the way to India last year and loved it. When she showed me the photos and told me the stories of her visit, it was long before I had any idea I would end up moving here! Her visit was a lovely surprise for both of us!

It was great to have Meg, a good friend and old student, practicing with the group each morning at the Yoga Room Dubai ( We filled the rest of the day with eating good food, exploring the souks, getting lost in the malls, being pampered in beauty salons and doing handstands on the beach!


So Meg was the first visitor – who is the next? I think it might be my Dad in May….but who knows!



  1. love the updates! keep them coming!! (and i want to be a visitor also 😉

  2. Hi Nea! I just booked my ticket to Dubai last night, so thrilled to be seeing it soon!

  3. alex ivetic · · Reply

    Nea, Meg’s blog is just so beautiful………..she has been a wondering namad and i am so glad she made it to Dubai. I love your blogs and always seem to be magnetised to the screen when they pop up ! Great to hear all your news….see you real soon. Always with love, Alex

  4. Hi! love your blog, and your last post. It’s always lovely to meet up with old friends, and it must be amazing when they started up as your students! I have nominated to the Very Inspiring Blog Award. I thin it is a nice way to spread the blogging joy.. The rules are at

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