When i was 10 years old, i went to Norway to live with my father. Once there, he sent me to an international school, where kids from all over the world (mainly refugees) go to learn the local language. Was the first time that I left Chile, and for me was very strange to share the classroom with kids from Yugoslavia, Pakistan, Korea, Sudan, Portugal, Ethiopia…. but there was a little girl that caught my full attention and I couldn’t stop staring at her for days . This girl was from SRI LANKA. I never saw someone like her before, I never spoke to her and I didn’t understood why she was wearing such colorful clothes, why her skin was so dark or why she has a red dot on her forehead.

Many years after that, I have been trying to go there. The first time I didn’t get the visa because the woman of the embassy didn’t like that I was wearing shorts. The second time I tried to go, there was a serious civil war going on in the country and the third time I wanted to go, I was mugged in Malawi and I had no money at all, so I had to forgot about buying a plane ticket.

But NOW, NOW everything is different, I ve got my visa, book my tickets, the war is over and I haven’t been mugged (yet!). So im ready to go, all the energies of my life are pointing in that direction …. I only hope the world does not end tomorrow.





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    Sounds like an awesome experience. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Roberto I did not know you had such memories of your stay in Norway. Actually, I always thought that if you had some kind of memorys, were dark or very bad. I’ m glad to know that something interesting was kept in your memory of that time. And I sincerely hope that the world will not end tomorrow to finally you can fulfill your desire.

  3. I love Sri Lanka! IT’s a beautiful country. Do enjoy your visit. (I say here because SL and IND are neighbours and I have ancestral ties to SL)

  4. Good Luck! Hope you share your experiences, Buen Viaje!

  5. oh please tell us how it goes I’ve always wanted to go to Sri Lanka but I’m only 13 -_-

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