We started this blog to record the experiences of our trip together. However, the time has come where our paths have diverged. I am now in Mysore, India and Roberto is travelling through the Middle East and Africa. We will be reunited in December when Roberto joins me here.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed the process as well as the end result of sharing our travel experiences via this blog. Thinking about what to write about and how to write it was a challenge and a pleasure in itself. Now looking back over the blog, I realise how lovely it is to have those memories captured, even if not read by anyone, but just for our own satisfaction!

So now that I have started to hone my blogging skills, it seems timely to write about one of the great loves of my life – India. It’s about time really considering I realised the other day that this is my 10th trip to India (if I count the one day visit – which maybe I shouldn’t!).

With every visit new memories are created, and old memories revisited. There are so many stories. Which ones I share, I’m not too sure. I’ll see how things go!

My first trip to India in 2005 was like a trial run. Two weeks in Rajasthan.  I was nervous about travelling in India alone so I joined a tour group. We all had a wonderful time. As the trip was drawing to a close my fellow travellers were feeling sad about it coming to an end. I wasn’t. I distinctly remember thinking this is just the beginning…… of a long love affair.

Four months later, after resigning my job in Hong Kong, I was back in India – this time the South. I had no idea at the time how much that decision would impact the course of my life. There was no plan, no goal, no expected outcome. Just an intense desire to dive in deep. Since then it’s been one big adventure, that keeps on rolling!

Photo taken on second trip to India in Hampi, Karnataka. Unfortunately I don’t have access to many photos from the first few trips as it was pre-facebook and they are on my old computer!



  1. Its so beautiful and such a delightful privilege to read your travel journal, of course to me the most beautiful parts are your whispers about yoga and India. I know that is the essence of you and what brings you to life. Miss you loads but am so happy you are living your dreams sweetheart!! NOT LONG NOW FOR CHAI AT G&A together YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am sure that you would certainly enjoy India… 🙂

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