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Despues de cuatro arduos e intensos meses viajando a través de Asia y Rusia, finalmente llegamos a Europa. Nuestra puerta de entrada fueron los países bálticos. A través de Estonia, Letonia y Lituania ingresamos a lo que consideramos la parte mas fácil y relajada del viaje. Grandes castillos, limpias habitaciones, trenes que salen sin retraso, […]


In the Baltic countries of the Eastern Europe most of our time was spent exploring the charming and historic old towns of Tallin, Riga and Vilnius. I enjoyed this very much, but was also pleased to also have the chance to venture out of the towns to the countryside or the beach.  On a fine […]


(Afternoon philosophy session in Sareema, Estonia) One of the best parts of travelling is being in the state of continual discovery. I guess you could make this statement about life in general but the tide of new experiences when travelling makes this state of being more apparent and easier to notice. Sometimes these discoveries are […]

спасибо Москва

We loved Moscow. It was easy to love for a couple of reasons. Firstly we had amazingly good weather  – clear sunny days, with the sun setting around midnight. This is not the normal Moscow experience. It is cold for most of the year and often rainy in June. The city is alive and celebratory […]


I didn’t have many images in my mind of what Russian cities would look like. Probably the dominant image was of St Basil’s Cathedral – the red-bricked church with colourful onion-shaped domes. It was certainly astounding to finally see this for real at the Red Square in Moscow, but what was more astounding to me […]


From the ages of four to 17, ballet was my world. Most afternoons after school and all day on Saturdays, my life was consumed with classes and rehearsals, training for exams, eisteddfods and concerts. For years I had subscription tickets to the Australian Ballet and around the age of 12 and 13 used to wait […]


[vimeo  W=1000&H=250] En China Nea comenzó a hacer contactos para ensenar yoga en Rusia. Así conocimos a Dimitri y Tatiana, ella es ucraniana y el ruso. Están casados y juntos administran una escuela de yoga en la capital rusa. Cuando el tren llego a Moscú a las 6.10 de la mañana, nos estaban esperando en […]