Like many yoga practitioners I can be a little obsessive about eating well. I’ve followed vegetarian, vegan, ayurvedic diets, eaten raw food, superfoods and organic foods and done cleanses, fasts and detoxes.

Living in Sydney for the past year helped pander to this lifestyle. Breakfast was quinoa porridge with inca and goji berries, lunch was brown rice, seaweeds and sprouted greens and dinner…….hhmmm what’s dinner?

Now that I am travelling…this has changed. A lot has changed!

Admittedly the process of letting go of the tight reigns with which I controlled every aspect of my diet started before I left Sydney. But it wasn’t easy. It took a conscious effort on my behalf not to freak out the suggestion of going for dinner at 8pm…and that dinner being pizza!

But I began to realise that while my diet was healthy, being unduly disturbed by the idea of occasionally eating something that wasn’t an organic wholefood, was a mindset that certainly wasn’t.

Then came the idea of the trip and this was the biggest challenge of all. I knew I would have less control over what I ate and that it was unlikely I would be able to eat live green salads in Mongolia.

It’s a daily challenge to eat well when you are travelling, but I must say that the hunt for good food becomes part of the adventure. Simple things such as stumbling across a market selling ripe avocados and mangos or finding a restaurant that serves broccoli can bring tears of joy to the eyes.

I make an effort to make the best of what is available and if I have to eat white bread toast for breakfast, a MSG-laden lunch or instant noodles for dinner  – so be it (although I don’t think I will eat the noodles again).

But it is a process, and I don’t think I can yet claim to be free of my strong attachment to ultra-healthy food. We stayed with a friend in Hong Kong recently who is starting a raw food company. She cooked – or should I say prepared us, an amazing meal of kelp noodles with cashew cream sauce and a huge green salad. As I ate the meal and glanced in her pantry well stocked with superfoods, I realised I had been struck with a bout of “food-envy”!

Apart from these occasional lapses I’m pretty pleased with my progress. Who cares if it is organic, grown locally or bought at a farmers’ market…I am just happy if it is green. In fact, some days I feel incredibly grateful just to have enough to eat. And to be honest, I think this is the healthiest attitude of all.

p.s. I do travel with a jar of spirulina but I haven’t used it yet because I don’t want it to run out.



This is me on my 35th birthday. I am happy because it is my birthday and I am eating vegetables.


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