I spent most of 2009/10 living and teaching Ashtanga yoga in Nagoya at a beautiful studio called MySoul8. With floor to ceiling windows and a view that looks out over the trees of Nagoya’s Central Park it is perhaps one of Japan’s loveliest studios.


I was really lucky have to have the chance to teach there again on this trip and meet with old students and friends. A big thankyou to Yoshi who hosted me and everyone who came to the classes – sugoi tannoshikatta!


Akkiko was one student who I was very happy to see again. She had attended my Sunday class every week and we had got to know each other outside of yoga, meeting in the afternoons for me to practice Japanese and her English.

This time she brought her teenage daughter Mayu to the “Intro to Ashtanga” class being held at Yoshi’s new studio in Yabacho (little ad for the studio!). Before the class started she told me the incredible story of how in November last year her daughter had been injured in a motorbike accident and had been in a coma for two months! She is now recovering but has suffered brain injury and has had to repeat a year of school.

I was shocked to hear the news and a little worried about how she would go in the class. But amazingly she was able to do the entire class, with more focus and attention than many other teenage students I have seen.

Akkiko said it was Mayu’s third yoga class and she has shown a lot of interest in continuing. Perhaps Mayu-chan is intuitively being draw to the healing powers of yoga. I hope she continues…as I think Ashtanga yoga could be a wonderful part of her mind/body recovery. 


Akkiko and Mayu are in the front in pink!


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