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I spent most of 2009/10 living and teaching Ashtanga yoga in Nagoya at a beautiful studio called MySoul8. With floor to ceiling windows and a view that looks out over the trees of Nagoya’s Central Park it is perhaps one of Japan’s loveliest studios. I was really lucky have to have the chance to teach […]


I knew that travelling in Japan in April would mean cherry blossom – sakura – and sure enough we arrived in Tokyo when it was mid-bloom. I have to say though, after living through a Japanese winter and desperately watching and waiting for the sun’s warmth to tease open the little buds, flying in right […]

Drinking and Riding

I really love exploring a new place by bicycle. I’ve had memorable rides in many places from Lijiang in Yunnan, China, Luang Prabang in Laos, Cochin in Kerala, India to Kyoto Japan. Rest assured, I have no desire to embark on any epic bike trip around the globe.  Nor do I like a full day […]

We’re not in Bondi anymore

The only thing that beaching in Bondi and beaching in Burma have in common is the sand and water. Otherwise, the two experiences are far apart, and indicative of the stark difference between the two cultures. Firstly the attire – being a Buddhist country, modesty is key. This often means entering the water fully clothed, […]

The Sittwe Situation (La Situación de Sittwe)

Es un país que ha vivido con una dictadura militar tan severa por los últimos 40 anos, tan rígida, enclaustrados en su propia miseria, encerrados en su tristeza. Es Birmania, uno de los países mas pobres del mundo, con costumbres y tradiciones muy arraigadas, a veces al caminar por las calles de sus ciudades tengo […]

Me, my mat and I

I have to confess that when we first started planning the trip, one of my initial thoughts was  – “but what about my yoga practice!” Being on the road makes maintaining a daily practice pretty challenging. Any thoughts of making “asana progress” go out the window. I thankfully got over this mental block, remembering that […]

The In Between Bits

Burma is possibly one of the most challenging places I have travelled in terms of logistics. Getting from one place to the next always seems to involve a ridiculously long overnight bus ride on sandy unsealed and potholed roads arriving early the next morning. Even what was meant to be a day trip to a […]