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This blog thing is new to me. Initially I felt a bit resistant to the idea – considering every man and their dog seems to have a blog these days. I started looking at some other travel blogs and felt overwhelmed. But I have come around to the idea. I think the process of digesting then articulating travel experiences is a worthwhile one. 

It took us about two hours to work out the name of the blog and its description. Amazingly my initial blog name “The Trip” was already taken. So was “The Big Trip”. I liked the name Moments (English) and Instantes (Spanish)  – as what is life but steady stream of moments. Travel for me provides a heightened sense of awareness with which to observe and appreciate these moments. But we finally agreed on new memories – which I think communicates the same idea…the continual creation of memories through the passing of moments in time. Of course this occurs in our day-to day-lives, but the steady stream of new experiences that travel brings makes us conscious of these moments with unparalleled vibrancy and zest, and the memories that are created forge deep and lasting grooves in our beings. 

Roberto today encouraged me to make a post on the blog. He said I should feel free to write what I like…but to try and make it funny and interesting. Hhhmmm this might prove a challenge!

In an attempt to become au fait with blogging, I have posted a photo from our recent trip to Tasmania – which I guess was like a little trial run for the big trip. We set ourselves some moderate challenges – travelling in a campervan, only camping in out of bound areas, cooking with fire, not showering for a few days. I think we (or perhaps I should say “I”) passed the test. The big trip is on!

The photo was taken on the east coast of Tasmania. Possibly one of the most beautiful marine landscapes we have seen. The water was artic in tempreture. We swam. Another test passed. Siberia here we come!




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  1. I also felt overwhelmed when I ventured out to blogging.. You mentioned in one of your posts that it is wonderful to have a place to come to that stores all of your memories, if not for the world to see then for you to re-live and experience. Couldn’t agree more! In the darkest of moments, my memories are there for me and help get through the pain. I am enjoying your blog and feel that I can learn a lot from you. Thank you!

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