I am happy to announce that I have started Ashtanga Yoga Dubai. I will be teaching daily Mysore-style classes in the Dubai Marina. For more information please visit the website http://www.ashtangayogadubai.com


This Thursday night is Shivaratri, a night devoted to worship of the “renegade” god Shiva, who is considered to be the lord of yogis. According to Hindu mythology it is believed that Shiva married his consort Parvarti on this night and also manifested himself as a lingum to show that there was no beginning or […]


Today I went down to the Devaraj markets with my friend Megumi to look through a market stall stocked with beautiful framed vintage deity photos. I’ve been to the markets countless times but they never loose their appeal for me. What stands out probably even more than the colours and noise are the smells, from […]

riding scooter

“Slowly, slowly, brake!” These were the words of advice from Kumar the rickshaw driver when he saw me earlier this week on a scooter for the first time. He also said, “Madam, full traffic – no!” The instruction wasn’t dissimilar to what I have been hearing Sharath say to his assistants when adjusting the numerous […]


I enjoyed yesterday’s conference by Sharath (see the notes below) – particularly a saying he mentioned that I hadn’t heard before. When talking about family difficulties he said that in his local language of Kannada they say “every dosa has holes but in some houses the pans have a hole!” Not exactly sure what it means […]

I’ve just finished the first week in Mysore and as always it’s been full of memorable experiences. The first practice in the Mysore room instantly confirms why I come back here each year. My mind is steady and focused, the body is energised and there is nothing like being back in the presence of my […]


I just looked at my last blog entry and can’t believe it has been three months since the last one!  It seems I got distracted with the old fashioned idea of just living life rather than writing about it This blog started as a travel blog but has now morphed into a blog documenting life […]


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